$15,080 is the average yearly income of those that work at a minimum wage job for 40 hours a week. 40 hours a week y'all and bringing home around $1500 a month 😳

As a SR. Ruby ambassador with Plexus, the average yearly income is over 40k. Let that sink in...

So a side gig, that you can work part-time, from your phone, at your house or anywhere you choose, WHILE WORKING FULL TIME can bring in 3 times more than those out busting it, commuting, and being away from their families all week long. 😫

In fact, about 25k-30k more dollars a year.

What are y’all waiting for? I know we aren’t the only ones who were living paycheck to paycheck! I absolutely love and appreciated my career income, but this has given me the opportunity to have way more freedom and be able to work WORK around my family, and not the other way around.

There is a better way, y’all....🙌🏻😍

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Imagine with me for a moment...

There is a mom, with 2 kids, recently divorced, newly hired to teach at a wonderful school after years of studying to become an educator.

Georgia teacher pay scale sets her income limit. Roughly $3000 per month after taxes…sounds good until you put it on paper.

So here she is…sitting at her table, alone, going over her “must pay” bills and the things she needs that aren’t in the budget. On top of that, the brakes went out this morning on her car, that she has to have for work and the kids! Fixing it is not an option, but she doesn’t have $500 to fix it! In fact, she was just trying to figure out how to work around some bills to get the kids much-needed winter coats.

And then her 4th grader brings home a form from school requesting $10 for the upcoming field trip to the pumpkin patch and Christmas is only 2 months away! She remembers what it’s like to wake up Christmas morning with presents and gifts that her daddy and momma scrimped and saved for and how special and loved she felt because of their sacrifice and she remembers seeing them beam with pride for what they were able to provide her with. She vowed that her kids would always feel this way…but here she is…to say she’s overwhelmed or stressed is an understatement.

Sound familiar?

I don’t share my opportunity to dangle fancy trips or luxurious living in front of you. I share my opportunity because I remember feeling helpless. Every month my debt growing because I started out each month already behind. I knew what an extr $500 a month would mean for me and I know there are those of you out there right now who would value it just as much.

This is why I share. Because this was my life. This was my budget. And I feel trapped and scared. But then someone shared hope and opportunity with me. And slowly, with grit and hard work, my life changed. And I believe yours can.

Please reach out if I can help you.

When your God-sized dreams can’t be choked down, ignored, walked away from, or rationalized…

•those are the ones you chase, sis•

Maybe it’s time for you to stop playing small. Maybe you can do it. Maybe they won’t judge you. Perhaps you ARE pretty enough, smart enough, capable enough.

Perhaps those of us who you think are so far ahead simply started exactly where you are.

The sky is limit for those who take flight ✈️

Let's do this!